Mobile devices and their impact on Brunei society

Mobile devices are the most popular method of communication in this current age of information. It could be said that these devices are absolutely essential for our everyday lives. Whether it be a developed or a developing country, the utilization of these devices are on the rise and Brunei is no different. But why exactly? The following reasons may explain why mobile devices have such a big impact on Brunei society.

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One thing that that have always attracted customers when it comes to mobile devices is the sheer variety that’s available for sale in local retailers. A wide collection of mobile phones ensure that there’s always a way to cater to the public’s taste. It’s not often that you have 2 mobile phone users who are interested in the exact same technical specifications of a device. For example, some prefer camera picture quality over all else while some may only care for a large storage space to store media.

It’s interesting to note that the popularity of mobile devices is a trend that reaches out to a large number of age groups, from young to old. For example, modern Bruneian parents may let children play with applications meant for early learning or playing with the iPad. This gives the children a head start on learning by stimulating their mind from a young age. Students bringing iPads or other tablets to educational institutions are also an increasingly common sight. Carrying out school assignments or research activities are more convenient than ever and the same goes with carrying out other necessities such as online banking and bill paying. The portability is a major plus for mobile devices.

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Another factor that contributes to the popularity of these devices is how easy it is to keep in touch with family and friends through them. Various applications are available such as the famous Whatsapp along with Facebook and Twitter can also be accessed via internet. In this way people can connect with each other without actually meeting up face to face.  News travel faster than ever before through these social networks. Besides for socializing purposes and provide awareness for certain incidents occurring around the country (such as informing people of closed roads, natural disasters such as floods and which area is most severely affected by it and recent crimes to encourage the general public to be more wary and careful) they can be used as great advertising tools as well by spreading the word around between family, friends and the general public. Unfortunately, social networks can be exploited to spread false rumors instead which may cause widespread misunderstandings. The access to information virtually has no walls and restrictions in this day and age and that can be quite troublesome.

To further illustrate the idea of how big the impact of mobile devices in our society:


Furthermore, mobile devices are common prizes for lucky draws


It can’t be denied that Brunei society has changed since mobile devices have been introduced into the country. And it’s only going to change further from now on since technology has no signs of faltering its advance.

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